Win $250 and Extra Goodies!


Duration: Through 5pm, June 1

Plus, Tryon Palace has generously sponsored a larger cash prize! Now you could win $250 while allaying cabin fever and getting some exercise! Take a walk and shoot photographs of your favorite historic New Bern home or building—or architectural details thereof. In honor of Preservation Month, we've extended the photo contest announced last week.

Take a family photo next to your historic home. Or you could take exterior shots of the Tryon Palace properties like the Stanly House, the Academy, or the Dixon house!

The purpose of this contest is for you to have FUN! It's also an excuse to get out and about, armed with your camera or smart phone.  

So give it a try! Amateurs, dabblers, and professionals all welcome. New Bern is especially beautiful now.

May Is Preservation Month!

You may enter two photos (.jpgs of no more than 5 MB) by emailing us at


Your photos will be considered in one of three categories: 

Exterior Shot: All or a detail of the structure (residential or commercial) taken from public property or with prior permission from the property. Please know that if homeowners let us know that this was not the case, your entry will be disqualified. But we're sure that won't happen because everyone will be very respectful of our historic district homeowners.

Interior Shot: An interior architectural detail or scene featuring same. The same caveats as to prior permission apply, though we expect that these entries will come from historic homeowners or renters.

Youth Photographer Shot: An exterior or interior shot taken by a minor 16 years old or younger. 

Please note: 

  • Instagram entries will not be considered for the contest.

  • Photos ≤ 5MB must be emailed to us at or at our old address, - both emails go to us at the office.

  • Your entry time will be the time shown on the email you send, the time of the photo taken from its metadata.

  • Just attach the .jpg generated by your digital camera or phone to your email. Provide us with the address of the property, your name and phone number.


Also: Don't photoshop or scan it into your computer first as that will mess with the metadata and invalidate your entry. Just attach the file and all will be well. If you need coaching on how to attach a phone or camera file to an email, call Thea at the office and she'll be happy to step you through it. (252)633-6448.

And please, no trampling on other people's lawns or yards. Respect is the key. And a little walking. And have's beautiful out!

Our judges are:
Larry Rosenstrauch, former NBPF president 
Kim Sawyer, Coastal Photo Club
Tom McCabe, Coastal Photo Club
David Lloyd, of snap-photography
Jon Burger, Gallery Director for the Craven Arts Council


Prizes are awarded in each category as follows:

The Rules

  1. The focus of your photo should be historic architecture within the city of New Bern, preferably in the historic districts. Photos must be taken after the beginning of the contest. The structure you photograph may be residential or commercial and must be 50 years old or older. 

  2. All photos must be digital, and should be 5 MB or smaller. Email your entry to Even though we love Instagram, Instagram entries will not be considered. We will get the photo date from the photo's metadata, so don't print and scan your photo or your entry will not be valid.

  3. The Contest runs from April 23 to 5 PM on May 21, with email sent-time taken as submission date. 

  4. All photos must be identified with the address where it was taken and please, include your phone number in case we need to reach you.

  5. Winners (1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place/honorable mention) will be awarded in each category.

  6. Photos of private property must be taken from public property or within the homeowner's property only with their permission. Any such permission must be obtained before the photos are taken, and any disagreement between you and the homeowner will invalidate your entry.

  7. You retain full rights to any photo you submit but by submitting it you agree that we may use it in conjunction with publicity for the photo contest or other marketing endeavors by the Foundation. We'll give you full attribution, of course!


                Have fun, and good luck to all!

Many thanks to everyone who got this contest running in record time... especially the Tryon Palace Foundation and ASAP Camera and Photo, a small business who offered us a generous sponsorship. Check them out online by clicking their logo below. They're open for business online:







Important Disclaimer:


By entering the contest, I agree to commit no illegal acts in obtaining photos. All entries must respect the privacy and rights of all homeowners in obtaining the photos, or the entry will be invalidated. Photos of private property must be taken from public property or within the homeowner's property only with their permission. The New Bern Preservation Foundation disclaims any liability for the behavior of contestants and expressly discourages any activities that might be construed as illegal acts.


Violation of any of these terms will invalidate your entry, even if your entry wins a prize in the contest.

ASAP small.jpg

The physical office is closed except by arrangement, but we are open for business. Phone and emails are being answered during normal office hours (Monday through Thursday 10 to 2), and we will keep things running smoothly here at the New Bern Preservation Foundation.

Although our office will be closed for the most part, our meetings will be held via teleconference and our projects are still in process as planned, except for the May River Homes Tour, which has been cancelled and not rescheduled at this time.


All best wishes to you and yours during this trying time.

Window Restoration & Milling
King Solomon's Lodge #1

A group of windows nearing completion

Even under present circumstances, work is continuing apace on the exterior of King Solomon's Lodge #1. Windows are being restored and new pieces created by detailed milling of fine cedar.

The initial phase of the project is stabilizing and restoring the exterior. The new standing-seam tin roof is now installed, the cupola restored, and finish carpenters are hard at work on the windows and siding. This part of the project includes siding repair, reconstruction of window frames and sashes, and removal of the cinder block sheathing around the brick foundation. 

There's a slide show of the ongoing work on this project at the bottom of the King Solomon's Lodge #1 page on this site.

Thank you!

We're making good use of your generous donations. 
Thank you! We're thrilled with the support our community has shown this project. Every penny you send in marked KSL #1 goes directly to pay the professionals working to restore this historic structure.

The restoration project is a partnership between leadership of King Solomon’s Lodge #1 and the New Bern Preservation Foundation. The work will restore the Lodge meeting place originally known as Drayton’s Hall. The Foundation is working with Lodge members to raise funds for the exterior restoration of this important historic building.


​A fire in 2005 caused extensive smoke and water damage to the structure.  The structure was not flooded during Hurricane Florence, but the storm certainly highlighted the urgent need to do external repairs to keep out wind and rain.

About King Solomon's Lodge #1

Formed in 1865, King Solomon’s Lodge is the first African-American Masonic lodge in North Carolina and one of the first south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The current building, originally known as Drayton’s Hall, was completed in 1870. It has been continuously used as a Masonic lodge and meeting hall since it was built, and it is one of the very few structures north of Queen Street to survive the great fire of 1922. Frederick Smith, Worshipful Master of King Solomon Lodge, has kept everyone focused on the significance of this effort.


“King Solomon #1 is an icon of the history of the Colonial Capital of North Carolina,” said Smith. “The sole purpose of this important structure is to house the membership of a Master Mason Lodge, a Chapter of The Eastern Star as well as their young men, The Kop and the young ladies, the Gleaners. The vision of making good men and women better as well as cultivating young minds for the future is of the utmost importance.” The New Bern Preservation Foundation is providing its experience in preservation to support this initiative.


 “This is a vitally important historic structure not only to New Bern but to the entire state. Its architecture is important along with its historic and cultural significance.” said Tim Thompson, current President of the New Bern Preservation Foundation. “This is one of the few buildings in New Bern that we know was built by African American craftsmen and used by the African American community leaders who became state legislators and U. S. Congressmen.”

To make a donation, click the yellow button.

For more information, click the teal strip.

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