Progress Through Preservation

   ~  Over 60 Structures Saved by the Foundation  ~

The mission of the Foundation is to preserve historically signifcant structures and sites

in and around New Bern, North Carolina.


Chartered in August, 1972, the New Bern Preservation Foundation immediately began saving buildings and thus upgrading neighborhoods. A small group of dedicated volunteers worked alone until 1981 when they hired their first professional executive director. Until mid-2015 Carolyn and Charles Peterson served as the Foundation's Co-Executive Coordinators. Currently the Foundation's first Vice-President, Nancy Hollows, is managing office operations.




New Bern Preservation Foundation,Inc.

Board of Directors 2015

Foundation Officers


Lynn Hand



Phyllis Hoffman

1st Vice-President


John Young

2nd Vice-President


Ben Parrish



Anne Schout


Board Members


Josephine Aiken

Mike Breda

Mary Bullock

J. Brent Davis

Emily Henson

James Hodges

Nancy Hollows

Rick Lang

Joe Mansfield

Ann Maude 

Richard Parsons

Lee Purcell

Tim Thompson

Gail Tilley

Newsom Williams



Executive Committee

Lynn Hand

Phyllis Hoffman

Anne Schout

Ben Parrish

Nancy Hollows

Personnel Committee


Administrative Committee

Chair/Richard Parsons



Data Base Website: Larry Rosenstrauch

Social: Josephine Aiken

Volunteers: Emily Henson

Salvage: Mike Breda


Finance Committee

Chair/Anne Schout

Ben Parrish, Brent Davis, Nancy Hollows


Accounting, Investments, Grants (Amanda Nestor)

Fund Raising: Emily Henson


Nominating Committee

Chair/Buzz Mead

Lynn Hand, Phyllis Hoffman, Emily Henson


Acquisitions & Covenants Committee

Co-Chairs/ Nancy Hollows/ John Young


Identify/Monitor: Amanda Nestor/Richard Parsons


Marketing Committee

Co-Chairs/Rick Lang/Phyllis Hoffman


Education: Emily Henson/Gail Tilley

Preservation Month: Emily Henson


By-Laws Committee

Chair/ Nancy Hollows


Membership Committee

Chair: Nancy Hollows

Emily Henson

Phyllis Hoffman

Joe Mansfield

Anne Schout

Gail Tilley


Ad Hoc Committees

Antique Show: Jim Hodges, Phyllis Hoffman

Spring Historic Homes & Gardens Tour: Gail Tilley

Depot: Lee Purcell, Joe Mansfield, John Young, Nancy Hollows

George Washington Tour: Anne Schout, Carolyn Peterson

Mamie Sadler Store: Newsom Williams

Preservation Book: Tim Thompson